The KRUGERGRAM™ is a unique and exclusive product of Silver-sphere Trading, specifically manufactured and certified by Gold Reef City Mint. Each round contains 1 gram of fine gold (another way of saying 24 karat).

The name ‘Krugergram’ is a registered trademark belonging to Silver-sphere Trading. The concept was born out of a desire to provide the South African gold bullion investor not only with the opportunity to own gold in smaller denominations than the smallest government issued 1/10 oz (3.1 grams) Krugerrands, but also to provide fractional gold bullion that is 24 karat; in contrast to Krugerrands which have a 22 karat (91.67%) fineness.

Gold and silver in fractional increments (smaller than 1 oz) have become more sought after in recent times, as they provide an excellent way to prepare for any socio-political or economic emergencies. Should an economic catastrophe materialise in the future, trading in grams of gold will be more advantageous than trading in ounces, not to mention an ideal way of providing and receiving ‘change.’

In addition to its utility, the KRUGERGRAM™ is a distinctive South African product on the market, and they make for excellent gifts both for those living in South Africa, and those living abroad.


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