10 0z Geiger Security Line Silver Bar


1-4 bars: Sold Out
5-9 bars: Sold Out
10+ bars: Sold Out

Face Value : N/A

Purity : 99.9 %

Dimensions : 65.3 x 35.8 mm

This is a beautifully produced bar, presented in the professional manner that the Germans are renowned for.  An excellent, high quality bullion investment. The 10 oz Geiger Security Line Silver Bar is unique in it’s security features. The product is vacuum-sealed in mint packaging and contains the following:

  • A ribbed edge
  • A security label on the top of the bar
  • A pearl finish on one side
  • A textured finish on the reverse of the bar
  • UV paint visible under a UV light including the year of mintage and the LEV rombus