The Gold Sovereign 2017 BU

Price: R5,575.00 each (Incl. VAT)

Face Value : UK Legal Tender

Purity : 22 karat or 0.9167

Dimensions : 22.05 mm

Weight : 7.988 grams or 0,2354 oz
This bullion coin is an investment piece and the weight and quality is verified at the Trial of the Pyx – an exacting independent trial dating back to at least 1282.The Sovereign is The Royal Mint’s 22 carat gold flagship coin and has been a constant of British coinage, admired and trusted through times of change. It features Benedetto Pistrucci’s original St George and the dragon design and for 2017 has the addition of a privy mark on the reverse to acknowledge its 200th anniversary

The special 200th anniversary mintmark located under the defeated dragon will make this particular year one to own!


At the height of the British Empire, British Gold Sovereigns were used in circulation around the world giving them a reputation as a reliable medium of exchange. This makes them an important addition to any gold portfolio, given its long history and trust by investors the world over.